Elevator Pad FAQ

How long does it take to get a set of elevator pads?

Our typical lead time is 2 weeks from order to delivery. We will work with our customers if they require their elevator pads sooner, just contact Customer Service – 905-560-9230

How long do Elevator Pads last?

Like anything it depends on the use. If Elevator Pads are stored correctly and not abused, you can expect a set of Elevator Pads to provide service from 5-10 years. If you haven’t, we recommend considering an elevator pad storage bag, it is an ideal way to expand the lifespan of your elevator pads by keeping them neatly stored when not in use. Give a thorough review of your pads on a yearly basis. At the 10 year point, we recommend replacement.

Do you offer a warranty?

Yes, all our products carrier a 1 year manufacturer warranty.

What hanging system is best for my elevator cab?

It depends on your setup. Each elevator is unique, if you need some advice please take a picture of your cab and email into Customer Service ([email protected]). One of our Representatives can provide advice.

Look for studs along the top of the walls. Some elevators have them installed others do not. If there are preexisting studs you can order elevator pads with button holes or grommets.

Other means of hanging elevator pads is by hooks. These hooks literally hook over a wall panel, sometimes from a ceiling.

Can I install Studs in my Elevator if there are none?

This depends on the type of wall panel you have. Studs have to be screwed into the wall, and for the most part will not be removed. They are high up and out of peripheral sight of the rider. If you cannot screw a stud in the wall then you will need to look at other hanging options, such as hooks.

Can I wash my elevator pads?

Washing is not recommended. Please note that your elevator pads are manufactured to a specific fire rating per building code. Putting the pads in a washing machine will compromise them. You can spot clean with a sponge as required.

Can I reverse, or use the back side of my Elevator Pads?

In most cases, Yes!

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