FELCO® Elevator Pads

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Elevator Pad Material & Accessories


Cotton - TanNatural cotton provides a durable protective covering

Vinyl - TanDurable vinyl provides a protective covering for your elevator, with an option to wipe off mild stains

Vinyl - GreyDurable vinyl provides a protective covering for your elevator, with an option to wipe off mild stains

Material Fill

Button HolesThese are installed 3” from the top of the elevator pad, and at every 2”. Buttonholes are a convenient option as there is no need to measure for placement as the button holes will be preinstalled on the top of the elevator pad. Having equal spacing along the top also allows the pads to be reversible.

GrommetsGrommets are a tradition means to hang your elevator pads to the stud pins located in the elevator. This option requires the customer to measure the grommet spacing of each stud pin. We then use those measurements to install the grommets on your elevator pad which makes for a perfect fit.

NOTE: Grommets are installed per your measurements as listed below.

Reinforced Button HolesCustomers that require a robust hanging solution choose our Reinforced buttonhole option. A very strong strip of 2” webbing is sewn across the top of the elevator pad to reinforce the strength of the buttonholes. This is an option for customers whose users seem to pull or put more than normal stress on the elevator pad. It’s a solution to increase the strength and longevity of your elevator pads.

HooksThe hook option is permanently installed hooks along the top of the elevator pad. These hooks are installed to customer specification. The customer provides us with the hook location and we install during manufacture. Hooks are used when there are no stud pins in the elevator, and the elevator pads are hung from a wall panel or drop ceiling.

SEP System - 2" loop

This SEP System stands for Secure Elevator Pad System. A 2" strip of loop (think of hook and loop) is sewn in across the top of your elevator pad. This allows you to attach the SEP attachments which has the adjoining 2” hook wherever you need them.

Save time – there is no need to measure for gromet or hook placement. Simply order the appropriate number of SEP attachments and style for your cab, and your done. What’s really great is that you can leave the attachments on the pad for next use, or you can remove/relocate as needed, it’s an innovative user-friendly system.

Cab Style - Select the cab style based on the diagram below

Elevator Panel Measurments (in inches)

Panel Height Length Qty
Total # of Panels: 0
Total Square Feet : 0.00
Total Square Meter : 0.00
How to measure your panels
  • Measure your individual panels by H (height) x L (length)
  • Each panel has its own Panel name, A,B,C,D,E,F
  • Mark down the quantity of each pad required
  • Note there is a Manufacturing tolerance +/- 3/8".

All Elevator pads need to be 4” off the ground per building code.

Elevator Panel Cutouts (in inches)

How to measure your panel cutouts
  • There are 4 measurements for each cut-out ( 2 are left to right, 2 are top to bottom)
  • For left to right, or L & R, take each measurment from the left side of the panel
  • For top and bottom, or T & B, take each measurment from the top of the panel
  • Name the Panel with the cutout (A,B,C,etc.)
  • Next enter in the number of the cut out. Ex. if panel A has 1 cut-out, mark it as cut-out 1. If panel A has a second cutout, mark it on a new line as Panel A, Cutout #2. Repeat the process for cutouts in other panels.
Panel Cutout# Type L R T B Qty

Panel Grommets (in inches)

Top Grommet Center Measurement (T1):
Panel P1 P2 P3 P4 P5 P6 P7 P8 P9 P10 P11 P12

Measurements are to centre point of grommet. Each grommet is measured from left of the pad to right centre of the grommet. These are the "P" measurements.

The "T" measurement is from the top of the elevator pad to the centre point of the grommet.
The "T" measurment should be the same for all panels.
Measure in Inches, example: T1 3", P1 4", P2 6", P3 8", P4 10", etc.

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