How To Measure Your Elevator Pads

Every elevator is different, measurements must be taken to ensure your Elevator Pads fit properly. Elevator Pads protect your elevator, it is well worth the time to measure correctly. Rest assured that measuring does not take that long, and average elevator will only take about 20 minutes to measure.  To the right you can download our detailed Elevator Pad measuring guide. Below you can download individual sheets. The FELLFAB® Team is always here to help if you have any questions.

There are 3 main measurements required to order a set of Elevator Pads:

  1. Panel Measurement (L x H) -Each wall in your elevator requires an Elevator Pad panel. For example if your elevator has4 walls, you will require 4 panels | Download Panel Guide Here
  2. Cutout location (L+R & T+B)– Elevator Pads start off as a full panel.  To make your control panels and doors accessible they need to be cut to fit. These measurements provide the specs for the cutouts. | Download Cutout Guide Here
  3. Grommet spacing (T & P)  – If you would like grommets as your hanging system, you will need to measure each stud pin to determine the correct location. If you choose another suspension method you will not need to perform this step. | Download Grommet Guide Here

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how to messure elevator wall
elevator pad door cutout elevator pad grommet spacing


  1. Complete Elevator Pad Measuring Guide
  2. How to Measure Elevator Pad • Panels
  3. How to Measure Elevator Pad • Cutouts
  4. How to Measure Elevator Pad • Grommet Spacing
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